Numerology to Find Lost Things: Readings for Missing Items

Finding a lost item using numerology might seem impossible, but has proven to be accurate and effective over time.

Most people believe that numerology is a serious topic that should deal mainly with serious life issues.

Ones like finding your soulmate, knowing the ideal career path to follow, understanding what the higher power you look up to is saying about your life, etc.

Who says that finding a lost item isn’t serious enough to apply the concept of numerology?

Well, maybe you haven’t lost something very valuable to you; because if you have, then you will be willing to do or give anything just to get it back. 

The Concept Behind Using Numerology to Trace Lost Items

Numbers and a heart written in the sand

  • First, you have to use your subconscious to imagine that you have the item in your hands. Think about the weight, size, color, texture, and other physical attributes of the lost item.  
  • Then, scribble or write down any nine digits – from number 1 to 9 – that come to your mind afterward. 
  • Add the numbers together to get the divine number of the lost item. During the addition, continue to reduce the number until it gets to single or double digits. 
  • Once you have the divine number, check the chart below to get clues into where your missing item may be.

Numerology Readings for Missing Items


1: Check the southern part of your bedroom or living room, close a white cotton area, or ask any young child around.

2: The object may be near fine linen, vase, basin, sink, or you may need the help of someone (especially a female) to find it.

3: It may be somewhere in between papers, books, or even mislaid in your workspace.

4: It is not lost but in your possession. Calm down to remember where you kept it.

5: Check where you keep your headgears or clothing.

6: Be careful not to blame someone else because it could be lurking just around your footgear, a rack, or shelf.

7: It is near items of clothing or someone may be withholding information about its whereabouts.

8: Someone you do not like may find it and bring it to you.

9: A child innocently took it and will give it to you as a gift.

10: Check your workspace or wherever you spend most of your time when awake (this may not be your house).

11: It’s likely near a water body like a pool, a lake, or a pond.

12: Just relax. You will find it when looking for something else.

13: Search your wardrobe or closet.

14: Recovery may be difficult as it could have found its way into drainage or sewer.

15: Ask your spouse or check your animal houses.

16: You subconsciously wanted to lose it and now, it’s gone.

17: Check where you keep your valuables or luxury items.

18: The object is close to soft objects like pillows, blankets, or towels. If not careful, you may lose it again after you find it but won’t recover it the second time. 

19: It’s in the sand or somewhere with no vegetation.

20: Look for it near a water body inside your house.

21 – 40

21: You will find it inside a filing cabinet, briefcase, or purse.

22: You will find it soon. 

23: It’s not far from where you are at the moment. So, check under or inside your furniture.

24: It’s somewhere safe. Check where you stored it before.

25: Search your personal belongings or near something round and white, or a source of light.

26: Ask the elder in your home about it.

27: There is a possibility that it is damaged. Nonetheless, you can check your car or the garage, or ask your chauffeur about it (if you have one).

28: It’s in the possession of someone else who found it and is unwilling to release it.

29: An elderly person or a young child close to you will return it.

30: Check among toys or art materials.

31: It is near moving water not far from your house.

32: It’s somewhere high. So, check your balcony or verandas.

33: It’s near some religious artifact or the Christmas tree in your home.

34: It’s close to a source of light or heat.

35: Look around your bathroom again or somewhere where there’s running water in your house.

36: Check the personal belongings of those you are close to.

37: Check the religious artifact near your house, in your house, or any house east of your house.

38: You lost it on your way to a place you visit regularly.

39: It is on a shelf, wardrobe, or somewhere high.

40: It is surrounded by soft material or could be safely wrapped in some protective package.


41: Look near your footwear storage.

42: Ask your cook or enquire at cafes, restaurants, or other eating places you have been to.

43: The object is near your sofa, bed, or between folded sheets or blankets.

44: It has fallen into somewhere dirty or dusty, or a part of the house that has been renovated.

45: Keep your eyes open for it because you pass it every day.

46: Ask your spouse or a co-worker you are close to about it.

47: Question your servants or subordinates closely.

48: The object is near to your drinking water or cooking utensils. Also, try looking where you store alcoholic beverages.

49: It is damaged and lost.

50: Look inside your vehicle.

51: It is in your place of worship or a place of healing, such as a hospital or treatment center.

52: Your partner has lent it to someone who you may not even know.

53: It will be found when you are not home.

54: The object is being carried around, transferred from one place to another, probably because of your kids playing with it.

55: It’s around a drain or a pipe and you will find it when you are not looking.

56: Retrace your steps to where you went before you realized you had lost it.

57: Look inside the pockets of sports gear.

58: Someone has taken it out of anger or greed. You might not recover it.

59: It is in a dark place or where flour or dry ingredients are kept.

60: There is no chance of recovering the object.


61: Look for it in your basement.

62: You will not find it because you lost it somewhere far from home.

63: look in your attic or where you store old things.

64: Declutter and reorganize your house and you will find it.

65: Chances of recovery are slim but possible with help.

66:  A thief with a physical disability on the hand or feet has taken it.

67: A younger (probably female) family member will find and return it.

68: Although it has been lost and found twice (you may not be aware of this) but a third person will find it and then you’ll get it back.

69: It is close to a friend or relative’s house you visited recently.

70: You only misplaced it, you didn’t lose it. Check around your study materials.

71: Relax and search for it near printed materials.

72: Look inside jars, vases, bowls, or other containers with an open top.

73: Involve the police or an official if you want fast recovery.

74: Someone you haven’t been just or nice to will return it.

75: The object will come back to you in a damaged condition.

76: The object is in the kitchen or pantry. 

77: Don’t waste your time searching for it. Someone faithful will find it and return it to you.

78: It is as good as lost because even if you find it, it will be damaged.

79: The object is in or close to a metal object or container.

80: You have mistakenly locked it in a container. You will find it when you least expect it.

81: It went out with the garbage; you will not be able to retrieve it.

82: Check your kitchen thoroughly.

83: A young female will find and return it to you.

84: It is inside a square item such as a trunk or a box in your home.



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