Six of Wands Meaning: Upright & Reversed Tarot Meanings

The Six of Wands is a tarot card that symbolizes victory, success, and triumph.

It is an uplifting card that can signify recognition from others for your efforts and hard work.

This minor arcana card represents the ability to take risks and come out ahead.

In this article, we will explore in detail the upright and reversed meanings of this card in terms of love, career, finances, and health.

Let’s begin!

Six of Wands Tarot Card Description

The Six of Wands represents an individual who has achieved their goals through hard work, dedication, and strong willpower.

It shows figure riding on a white horse, holding several wands in his hand.

The Six of wands depicts the self confidence and strength of the person who has overcome their obstacles and achieved their desires.

Six of wands
Six of Wands meaning

The Six of Wands signifies a period of recognition for one’s accomplishments and celebration of their achievements.

It can also denote the feeling of being appreciated or admired by others for one’s efforts.

On the other hand, it can also be interpreted as a sign that success will come soon if one keeps pushing forward with determination and ambition.

Okay, now it’s time to look at the Six of Wands meaning in more detail.

Upright Meaning – Six of Wands

The Six of Wands in the upright position is a powerful symbol of victory, recognition, and success.

It signifies triumph after a period of hard work and perseverance.

When the six of wands upright appears, it represents public acclaim, leadership, and the ability to inspire others.

It suggests that your efforts will be acknowledged and rewarded, bringing a sense of accomplishment and pride.

The Six of Wands urges you to embrace your achievements and use them as a platform for further growth and motivation.

It reminds you to stay humble and share your success with those who have supported you along the way.

From here, we will delve deeper into the different Six of Wands tarot card meanings.

Upright Love

In a love reading, this wands upright card can represent a new relationship blossoming or a spark being reignited in an existing one.

Can Tarot Predict Love? - Deck of Tarot cards in the background

If you have been putting effort into improving your relationship, you may soon reap the rewards of your labor.

You may feel as though your efforts have been seen and appreciated by your partner or you could receive external validation from others close to you.

Whatever it may be, the Six of Wands card is a reminder that all your hard work is paying off in love.

Upright Career

In a career tarot reading, an upright Six of Wands indicates success and recognition.

success journey

It can signify a promotion, raise, or job opportunity that comes with greater responsibility.

The Six of Wands also suggests increased public status and respect for your abilities.

This card reflects your hard work paying off as you take pride in your accomplishments and bask in the admiration of others.

You can expect to receive appreciation from your peers and authorities for the efforts you put into your job.

Your confidence will be boosted by this recognition, allowing you to tackle any future challenges with enthusiasm.

Upright Finances

The Six of Wands in the upright position reflects financial security.

It can indicate a successful business venture that has earned you positive recognition and financial rewards.

You may have received a raise or bonus or perhaps won a lottery or gambling game.


Alternatively, it could represent an inheritance or other unexpected windfall.

You may be feeling confident and comfortable with your current financial situation, allowing you to take risks on investments and potential business opportunities.

Whatever the case may be, this card signifies that now is an excellent time to focus on building your wealth and increasing your net worth.

Upright Health

In a health reading, this card suggests that you can rely on your strength and vitality to be able to handle any challenges or illnesses that may arise.

It also indicates that you should take some time out for self-care to maintain good physical and mental well-being.

Examples of self-care activities could include yoga, meditation, exercise, getting enough sleep, eating healthy meals, and spending quality time with friends and family.

However, it’s a very good omen if you’ve been suffering from a long term illness.

Reversed Meaning – Six of Wands

The Six of Wands in the reversed position indicates a potential setback or a lack of recognition for your efforts.

It suggests that you may be facing obstacles or experiencing a temporary setback in your pursuit of success.

Six-of-wands meaning reversed
Six of Wands meaning reversed

You might be feeling discouraged or overshadowed by others.

It’s important to remain resilient and not let setbacks deter you from your goals.

Use this as an opportunity to reassess your strategies, seek constructive feedback, and make necessary adjustments.

Remember that setbacks are often temporary, and with determination and perseverance, you can overcome challenges and regain your momentum.

So what else can we learn about the Six of Wands reversed meaning?

Reversed Love

The Six of Wands reversed can suggest that love relationships are facing obstacles or conflict.

When it comes to romance, this may be a time when communication is difficult and misunderstandings arise.

It could also mean that feelings of insecurity, jealousy, or possessiveness are present in the relationship.

It’s important to take a step back and evaluate the situation objectively to find solutions.

Otherwise, unaddressed issues can lead to resentment and other problems over time.

Reversed Career

A reversed Six of Wands in a tarot reading may indicate a career setback or obstacle.

You may experience delays in achieving your goals, or find that your hard work is not paying off in the way you expected.

career change

This card suggests that you may be feeling frustrated and demoralized by recent events.

There could be an underlying fear that you will not succeed, or that your efforts are not being noticed or appreciated.

It is important to stay positive and motivated during this time, as the Six of Wands reversed does not necessarily mean failure or defeat.

It may simply be a sign to pause and reassess your career path before continuing onward.

Reversed Finances

The Six of Wands tarot card meaning reversed can be a sign that your current investments or business deals may not be as successful as you had hoped.


It is essential to be extra careful when handling finances and to try to find creative solutions to stay afloat.

This card can also indicate an unexpected turn of events or unforeseen expenses that will take away from your income.

It is important to save money whenever possible.

And get ready for any potentially costly changes shortly.

Reversed Health

The Six of Wands reversed in a health reading can indicate struggles with physical or emotional health.

This card suggests that you may be feeling down, overwhelmed, or exhausted due to long-term stress and lack of rest.


It can also suggest that it is time for you to take better care of yourself.

To nourish your body and soul with healthy activities such as exercise, yoga, relaxation techniques, and spending time outdoors.

This card could signify an injury or illness that requires medical attention.

It is important to listen to your body when it needs help and to seek professional advice if needed.

Before You Go

The Six of Wands Tarot card signifies victory and success in love, career, finances, and health.

When upright, this minor arcana card is a sign of triumph, recognition, and well-deserved accolades.

When the reversed six of wands appears, can indicate a lack of confidence or self-doubt as well as feelings of betrayal or disappointment.

Despite any setbacks that may occur, the message is ultimately one of hope.

With effort and perseverance we can all achieve our goals.