Numerology for Houses (What Your Address Means)

Numerology for Houses: Your home address carries significance in numerology, and it may surprise you if you’ve never thought about it.

Home addresses are conventionally used to identify your location and are intended for receiving mail for the most part.

However, all numbers the number your address may contain add up to a single digit and define the kind of experience you’ll have and whether or not it’d be pleasant.

This article delves into numerology for houses (what your address means).


How Do You Calculate the Numerology for Your House?


Calculating your house’s numerology number is quite a breeze.


home address


However, a few exceptions might make it a bit tricky.

Addresses having letters and words for example.

But, we’ll start with what’s easy.

Take, for instance, the house address 426 Ocean Drive.

You’ll need to add all numbers in the address and get a single digit, and here’s how you do it.

The numbers in the address are 4, 2, and 6. Adding them yields a total of 12.

That is, 4 + 2 + 6 = 12

Adding the two digits, you’ll get a single number with meaning in numerology.

1 + 2 = 3

The numerology of the house is 3 and would mean a house of romance, friendship, and countless parties.

But fret not; we’ll get into the meanings later in this article.

Finding the numerology of apartments can be a bit complex.

But it’s more manageable since we’re only working with the numbers.

The numerology for apartment number 456 Avenue Drive, Apt 7D, includes adding all figures 4, 5, 6, and 7.

However, you also need to include the letter D, but how?


The Pythagoras Chart

Numerology uses the Pythagoras Chart to calculate the value for alphabetical letters.

Each letter has an assigned number you can use to evaluate your house number.


Letter Numerology
A, J, S 1
B, K, T 2

C, L, U


D, M, V 4
E, N, W 5
F, O, X 6
G, P, Y 7

H, Q, Z


I, R 9


According to the Pythagoras Chart, the letter D in our example above has an assigned number of 4.

That means our calculation for the address 456 Avenue Drive, Apt 7D would be:

4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 4 = 26

The numerology for this apartment would be 8 after adding the final two-digit number.

2 + 6 = 8


What Your House Number Means in Numerology


Since you now have an idea for calculating the numerology for your house number, let’s dive into what each figure means.


Number One – Creativity, Innovation, and Independence


This number symbolizes new beginnings and independence.




It could be your first apartment living without your parents or a house you’ve built without your job paying for you.

Besides, it expresses creativity and innovation, and a house where each member has a chance to be more expressive.

Growth is usually inevitable in this house and is somewhat forcible for the most part.

So, as you seek your next apartment and house, let progress be your part.


Number Two – Peaceful, Soft, and Welcoming


Houses with this number are always soft and accommodating, and it’s all in the air for anyone setting foot inside.


welcoming house


Young couples and families find solace in each other and are more opposed to nights out than valuable family moments.

And even though you live alone, you’ll feel so much at home and warmer in your company ad less appeased by the idea of meeting friends away.


Number Three – Expression, Enthusiasm, and Romance


Three represents a social setting and a house full of expressionism and enthusiasm.

Besides, romance reigns supreme, and there usually are no dull moments.




Parties and friends regularly checking in is a norm in this incredibly social space.

Life at this level is usually at its best, and it’s a transitory period for couples living together for the first time.


Number Four – Stability and Structure


An atmosphere for long-term connections and lifelong partnerships usually lodges in a house with the numerology number 3.

Rest assured that whichever project you have, this house will offer you the tranquility and peace you want and will be the rock for everything else going forward.


tranquility and peace house


Suppose you’re living with your partner, be assured that you’ll eventually put a ring on her finger.

Likewise, if you’re starting a business, you’re sure to soar to higher levels.


Number Five – Change, Adventure, and Socializing


Not a single day goes without contemplating a change in this house.

So, don’t be surprised if you keep thinking of changing your career or getting a high-paying job.


Material success


You might even contemplate changing your house if it comes to it!

Besides, the vibe for socializing is constantly flowing, and people here are so adventurous and love exploring.

Such houses are never short of people since it’s a social space with unending fun.


Number Six – Happiness and Prosperity


Peace prevails in this house, and achieving happiness isn’t an effort.

There’s also no single gray day since everyone in this vicinity is content and excited.


happiness home


Even though differences may exist, the issues aren’t usually profound since everyone gets along.

The potential for long-term happiness and positivity is incredibly high.


Number Seven – Secluded and Peaceful: A Perfectly Safe Place


If you’re looking for a perfect place for your peace of mind, a house having the numerology number seven is your go-to option.




Forget social spaces and the partying harbors that other house numbers are; this abode is everything you need to make your yoga sessions and solo projects a hit.

If you’re used to busy houses, this type isn’t your fit.


Number Eight: Abundance, Blessings, and Proliferation


Like house number one, number eight is ideal for growth and expansion.

But what’s better is that everything comes in effortlessly, and the proliferation is guaranteed in every aspect.




Your goals are usually more transparent than ever, and achieving them is easy.

Typically, the energy for positivity and benediction are sturdy, promising a better future.


Number Nine: Acceptance and Sanctuary


You’re more likely to feel content and more receptive to your current situation.

However, you never stop dreaming and yearning for more as long as it takes you a single – or more steps – ahead.




Numerology defines the type of energy and aura in your house depending on the number from your address.

So, if you’re wondering what your house number is and what it means, we hope this numerology for houses article come in be handy.