What does 88 mean in Numerology?

What does 88 mean in Numerology?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Numerology.

In this piece, we will discuss an amazing topic of Numerology- Angel number 88.

In Numerology, numbers are not just symbols but a storehouse of energy.

Each number has its unique attributes, powers, and effects.

Among the numbers, there is a group of numbers called the angel numbers.

Angel numbers are unique numbers where the digits repeat in a number. Like the numbers 11, 111, 333, 88, etc.

These numbers carry a special blessing or message with them.

Seeing these numbers frequently indicates that your Guardian Angel wants to communicate and is sending a message to you.

How Do We Come Across Angel Numbers?

Your Guardian Angel can turn your attention to the angel numbers in many ways.

You may be thinking about your question or concern.

Your attention goes to your clock, a sign, a number plate, or the angel number digits directly coming to your mind.

Numerology and Angel Numbers

It has been a common experience that these sightings happen many times daily as if trying to grab your attention.

So, what does 88 mean in Numerology?

Angel Number 88 Meaning

The angel number 88 has a double repetition of the number 8, which amplifies the vibrations of the energies carried by the number 8.

Number 8 in Numerology represents infinity.

If you rotate the infinity symbol by 90 degrees, you get the number 8.

Number 8 represents both the spiritual and material sides of the universe.

On the one hand, it represents material abundance and prosperity; on the other hand, it represents detachment and the quest for the divine.

The things represented by the number 8 are:

  • justice
  • hard work in career
  • struggles
  • success after long struggles
  • reputation,
  • wisdom,
  • discipline
  • business,
  • professionalism, etc.

Number 8 will give you victory and fulfil your desires, but you must first work hard.

As the powers of the number 8 get amplified in angel number 88, it gets morphed into something new.

In a nutshell, angel number 88 signifies:

  • hard work
  • success
  • earning money
  • charity
  • philanthropy
  • balance in life
  • productivity
  • intuition, etc.

The number 88 will encourage you to work hard to make money, set up a business, and explore new ideas.

nice office building

And when you earn good enough money, use it to help others.

Your Guardian angel, through number 88, wants to tell you that your desires will be fulfilled soon.

It can also signify a turning point in your life.

The difficulties you may have been facing for so long may now be coming to an end.

A period of prosperity is coming soon.

The effect of angel number 88 on the various spheres of your life is as follows-


Love has always been a complicated thing in life.

It requires commitment and requires a lot of patience.

Difficulties in the relationship are a pretty common thing.

You start with Love for your partner, and when realities hit you, things may start breaking up.

But don’t worry; your Guardian Angel is always there for you to help you out of the situation.

The Angels understand Love better than we humans do.

Romantic walk

If you are impatient in love life, through Angel number 88, the Angels will warn you to be patient and let things settle down naturally.

If you are in a bad relationship, the Angel number will work as a divine grace to save you from that bad relationship.

It is like a symbol of hope that you will soon have a new start in your life.

Just be patient and let destiny take its turn.


After Love, money will stress you the most in your life. A little mismanagement and troubles are just next door.

Thankfully, Angel number 88 is very powerful.

It will give you the energy and the inner strength to battle the situations.

Your willpower will be phenomenal, and your Guardian Angel will show you the ray of hope you can follow.

Angel number 88 is beautiful because it symbolizes prosperity and the fructification of efforts.


You may have been working hard in your career and trying to make ends meet, but you may not have gotten the desired results.

Be patient; things will change, and you will get the success you deserve.

One thing you should remember about Angel number 88 is that you must be charitable.

Number 88 represents charity, charitable institutions, philanthropy, etc.

It will provide you with abundance and prosperity, but it also expects you to share your success with others.

Angel Numbers are not just messages but also lessons to learn in life.

Angel number 88 teaches you, “Yes, you have gone through many troubles; you have faced hardships, and here is the reward.

But also helps others get out of their hardships and get their blessing. “


If you plan to start a business or switch to a new job, Angel number 88 is a go-ahead symbol.

Like divine grace, Angel number 88 will give you the calm, energy, and enthusiasm to start up.

Numerology And Career Connections

You may be confused about whether to start your business or anxious about the efforts that you may have to put or the trouble you may have to face.

But don’t worry; just put in the required effort and let your Guardian Angel handle the rest.


Angel Number 88 is like a caution that you should take better care of your health.

Otherwise, things may not be that pleasant.

It may be the case that you may have been ignoring your health for a long time, or you may not be exercising or snacking a lot.

So, do start planning for health and don’t ignore the warning.

What Does 88 Mean In Numerology? – Final Words

In the end, remember that the Angel number is just a message.

How you turn that into success is in your hands.

Seeing the angel number 88 is one thing.

But acting upon that message will get you the help and support of your Guardian Angel.