Eight of Wands Meaning: Upright & Reversed Tarot Meanings

The Eight of Wands tarot card indicates a sense of progress and forward motion.

It symbolizes swiftness, energy, and productivity, as well as clarity of thought and purpose.

This card suggests that things are moving quickly in life and that you should make the most of each opportunity that comes your way.

Upright, it can represent positive developments in multiple facets of life including love, career, finances, and health.

Reversed, the Eight of Wands may signify stagnation or delays in achieving goals.

Let’s explore its meanings in depth!

Eight of Wands Tarot Card Description

The Eight of Wands Tarot minor arcana card depicts eight wooden wands flying through the air.

They are moving swiftly, symbolizing rapid action and progress.

The wands are against a clear blue sky, indicating a sense of freedom and open possibilities.

Eight of wands
Eight of Wands meaning

Unlike the majority of minor arcana cards, this one has no people.

There are also no obstacles in the image, suggesting a smooth journey ahead.

The wands are closely grouped, indicating a focused and cohesive effort.

This tarot card represents fast-paced development, sudden movement, and the potential for exciting advancements in various aspects of life.

Now let’s look at the Eight of wands tarot card meaning

Upright Meaning – Eight of Wands

The upright Eight of Wands tarot card symbolizes a surge of success that is coming your way.

And any ideas or plans you have been working on will be realized quickly.

Maybe a vacation or a business trip.

It signals that it’s time to make a move, take action, and manifest the things you’ve been waiting for.

It represents a lot of positive energy and movement.

This can be literally or in a figurative sense.

This card is a positive sign that shows fast changes are coming and that there’s no need to delay any further.

It also suggests being flexible to adapt to sudden changes.

With this tarot card comes an abundance of creative energy that should be channeled in productive ways to get the most out of it.

Okay, now it is time to delve deeper into the Eight of Wands tarot card meanings.

Upright Love

In a love tarot reading, this card symbolizes passionate beginnings that are full of energy and enthusiasm.

It can signify a relationship that moves quickly or one that requires extra effort to stay on track.

couple in love

In either situation, it denotes excitement and joyous mutual attraction.

When the Eight of Wands card appears in a Tarot reading concerning relationships, it suggests that you may feel connected to someone on an emotional level.

And have a strong desire to deepen the bond with them.

This card also encourages you to be honest about your feelings and take action if you want to make things happen.

If you’ve been holding back or procrastinating, now is the time to take action.

With the right attitude, dedication, and effort, your relationship could move forward at lightning speed!

Upright Career

The upright Eight of Wands in a career reading can indicate that projects are coming to fruition.

Or that collaborations have been successful, and that ideas are being implemented with speed.

This wands card is a great omen for both short-term and long-term goals, as it denotes swift progress.

If you’ve been feeling stagnant in your career, the Eight of Wands may be an indication that things could soon begin to move forward.

career ladder

It is an especially good sign if you are looking to change roles or jobs because it suggests that opportunities will begin to arise quickly.

However, it is important to remember that this card also speaks of taking action.

And making sure the momentum you gain from the Eight of Wands is used effectively and productively.

Upright Finances

An upright Eight of Wands indicates great financial success.

In a financial reading, the Eight of wands signifies whatever projects or investments you’ve put your money into will soon be paying off.

This card may also signal a steady flow of income, as long as you stay disciplined and organized.

There could be a lucrative business opportunity or investment coming your way, so make sure to be ready for it.

However, you should take the time to carefully examine any financial endeavor before jumping in headfirst.

Upright Health

In terms of health, this card can suggest that you are feeling vibrant, energized, and your physical health is great.

It encourages you to take action in improving any physical ailments or illnesses you may have.

You will likely be able to heal them with natural remedies such as exercise, nutrition changes, and relaxation techniques.


With your newfound clarity on your health condition, you can find ways to support and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You may even find yourself feeling more connected to the environment around you which can lead to a greater appreciation for nature’s healing power.

Reversed Meaning – Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands reversed can indicate a lack of progress in areas of life and losing momentum.

This card suggests that obstacles may be blocking you from achieving your goals, or that communication is being hindered.

Perhaps some unfinished business.

It could represent an inability to move forward and develop a project or idea, with delays, procrastination, and stagnation taking the place of action and progress.

Eight of wands reversed
Eight of wands meaning reversed

You may feel like you’re spinning your wheels instead of making any real headway.

You may be using too much force to get what you want, resulting in resentment and misunderstanding.

It is time for patience as solutions may take longer than expected.

Reversed Love

Love is stuck in stagnation when the Eight of Wands is reversed.

There may be a lack of direction or purpose, and feelings could be blocked from progressing.

Communication between partners may also become a challenge, with words getting lost in translation due to misunderstandings or miscommunications.


It is important to take time to really listen to one another.

And properly express your feelings if you want to get past this period of stagnancy in your relationship.

It could also be beneficial for both partners to make an effort to break out of their comfort zones and explore different activities together.

This will help bring some fresh energy into the relationship and reignite the spark that has been lost.

Reversed Career

When the Eight of Wands is reversed in terms of career, you may feel overwhelmed with too many projects or work responsibilities, leaving you unable to focus on the most important tasks.

career change

This can be frustrating as you might experience a lack of progress in achieving your goals.

It could also mean that you are not taking full advantage of networking opportunities.

Or failing to seize opportunities when they arise.

It’s essential to remain positive and take steps towards improving your professional situation.

Such as expanding your network connections or participating in events that could help you reach your objectives.

Reversed Finances

An Eight of Wands reversed indicates an unstable financial situation.

This could indicate financial struggles, a lack of direction, or a feeling of being overwhelmed by choices.

Difficult decisions may need to be made to move forward.

It’s important to take the time to consider all options and make sure that any choice is rooted in logic and practicality rather than emotion.

There could also be delays related to money matters as well as potential losses if careful consideration is not taken.

It’s important to approach any financial decisions with caution and create a solid plan for success.

Reversed Health

The Eight of Wands reversed in a health reading can be a sign that physical ailments are being held on to for too long and need to be dealt with to restore balance.

This could mean that you are putting off seeking medical advice or taking prescribed medication, or clinging to unhealthy habits.

It may also be a sign that you are avoiding self-care activities such as exercise, rest, and relaxation.

It is important to recognize when these patterns begin and take steps to change them before the situation becomes worse.

By engaging in healthy practices such as yoga, meditation, and nutritional dieting, one can break free from physical pain.

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And move towards physical well-being.

Before You Go

The Eight of Wands tarot card symbolizes progress and a speedy resolution.

Its upright meaning suggests that you are making strides toward your goals.

While the Eight of wands meaning when reversed implies that things may be stalled or blocked.

Love, career, finances, and health can all be affected by the Eight of Wands depending on their position in a reading.

Keeping an open mind and understanding that all challenges will eventually pass can help you to make the most out of any situation this card brings up.