Spreads In Tarot – How Cards Are Used In Tarot

Spreads in Tarot

So, what are spreads in Tarot? Spreads are patterns of cards. You have 78 cards in tarot, but not each and every card is used to answer a query or give a reading. So, we either use: one card two cards three cards up to any number of cards like 14, 21 cards and arrange … Read more

Numerology vs Astrology: Which Is More Accurate? Let’s Find Out

Numerology vs Astrology

Astrology and numerology influence human lives via their predictions.   But they are two different subjects and operate in distinct ways.   Astrology- relating to astronomy- is the study of planets and stars; their movement around the sun.   And how this influences human lives. Numerology is the study of numbers.   Using your birth … Read more