Numerology and Planets: Understanding Personalities

Numerology and Planets

Numerology and astrology are peas in a pod with different concepts. While the former deals with numbers, the latter deals with planets and their positioning around the sun. Nonetheless, they both influence predicting the persona and phenomena of one’s life.  There is a close relationship between numbers, planets, and alphabets because it is believed that … Read more

Numerology and Angel numbers – What Do They Mean?

Numerology and Angel Numbers

There is no doubt that numerology has become a part of our daily lives. With millions of people like you, looking forward to what the universe or a higher power are saying to them daily. We have built our: lives careers relationships businesses and more With the insight and leadings gotten from numerology. But while … Read more

Numerology to Find Lost Things: Readings for Missing Items

Numerology for Lost Things

Finding a lost item using numerology might seem impossible, but has proven to be accurate and effective over time. Most people believe that numerology is a serious topic that should deal mainly with serious life issues. Ones like finding your soulmate, knowing the ideal career path to follow, understanding what the higher power you look … Read more

Can Numerology predict death? It’s Not So Simple

Numerology & Death

Humans are inquisitive by nature, wanting to know anything and everything. Sometimes for the sake of acquiring knowledge and other times for a personal and significant cause. Numerology has provided answers to some of the questions that has sent us on life quests.  Questions like: Normally, these questions would have left one pondering for years … Read more