Numerology for Couples – How Numerology Helps You

Numerology is the ancient practice of using numbers to influence relationships between people.

Each number has a specific meaning and, when combined with other numbers, can offer insight into the dynamics of any relationship.

Numerologists believe that by understanding the numbers associated with a relationship, we can better understand its strengths and weaknesses.


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We will explore some of the principles of numerology and how they can be used to help you find your perfect partner.

Specifically, numerology for couples. 


Numerology and Relationships

Numerology can help you find your best match by understanding your core numbers and what they mean for your relationship.

If you are in a relationship, you can use numerology to understand your partner’s core numbers and how they impact your relationship.

It can also help you find your soulmate by understanding your core numbers and what they mean for your relationship.

When two people are attracted to each other, they exchange energy.

This connection is physical, psychological, and spiritual.

The physical attraction is obvious and doesn’t need further explanation.


Psychological attraction


Psychological attraction is a little more complicated and has to do with the fact that we are attracted to people who have qualities that we lack.

For example, if you are shy, you may be attracted to someone who is very outgoing.

If you are indecisive, you may be attracted to someone who is very decisive.

And so on.

Spiritual attraction is the deepest level of connection between two people.

It’s a soul connection.

When two souls meet, they recognize each other.


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They feel a deep sense of familiarity and comfort.

They know they’ve met before, even though they may not know how or when.

Numerology can help you find your best match by revealing the energies (numbers) that are at play in your relationship.

It can also help you understand the dynamics of your relationship and what you need to work on together.


How to Use Numerology to Find Your Best Match

There are many different ways to calculate your numerology compatibility, but one of the most popular methods is to use your birthdate and the birthdate of your partner (or potential partner). 


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Each number in your birthdate has a specific meaning and vibrates at a certain frequency.

When you calculate your compatibility using numerology, you can get a good idea of which numbers will work well together, and which numbers will cause friction in your relationship.


Step 1: Determine Your Life Path Number

The first step in using numerology to find your best match is to determine your Life Path number.

Adding up all the digits in your birth date yields this number.


Life Path Number


For example, if you were born on September 9, 1983, you would calculate it like this:




So your Life Path number would be 3.


Step 2: Determine Your Partner’s Life Path Number

If you don’t know your partner’s Life Path number, you can calculate it using their birthday.

Add up all the digits in their birth date until you get a single digit. 

For example, if your partner’s birthday is July 12, 1990, you would calculate it like this:

7 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 9 = 29

2 + 9 = 11

1 + 1 = 2

So, your partner’s Life Path number is 2.


Step 3: Compare Your Numbers

To find out how compatible you are with your partner, simply compare your Life Path numbers.


Calculate life path number


If you are in a relationship with someone whose Life Path number is compatible with yours, you will be able to relate to each other on a deep level and understand each other’s needs and desires.

You will also be able to support each other through difficult times and help each other grow and develop in positive ways.

The following is a guide to the most compatible Life Path numbers:

-1 with 3, 5, 6

-2 with 4, 6, 8

-3 with 1, 5, 9

-4 with 2, 7, 8

-5 with 1, 3, 7

-6 with 1, 2, 8, or 9

-7 with 4, 5, 7

-8 with 4, 6

-9 with 3, 6, 9


Some Examples

If you have a 1 Life Path, your least compatible partners are 2 and 8, as both those numbers tend to demand too much of you.


Life Path Number 1


You’re not used to having to answer to others, so you’ll probably feel smothered and smothered. 

The happy-go-lucky 3, in particular, gets along with the more serious and self-conscious 1 simply by ignoring most of the 1’s ‘rules’ and acting on their own accord. 

The 5, being the practical “glass-half-full” kind of number, does an excellent job of keeping 1s positive and confident.

So you’re both on the same wavelength.

You’ll have a lot of fun together, and your differences can actually make your relationship more interesting.

2s aren’t commonly compatible with 1s, but 2 and 4 compatibility is a bit more promising. 2s get along with 4s really well because 2s “get” 4s.


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Sometimes, the 4 gets turned off by the 2’s emotional intensity and tendency to dramatize, but the 2 sees the 4’s practicality and down-to-earth attitude as a breath of fresh air.

So you get the idea.

If your partner has a Life Path number that is not compatible with yours, you won’t be compatible on every level.

You’ll still be compatible in some important ways, but there will be differences that you will need to adjust to.

The less compatible your Life Path numbers are, the more adjustments you will need to make.


How to Improve Your Numerology Compatibility

By understanding the compatibility between numbers, you can improve your relationships with others.




Here are a few tips on how to improve your numerology compatibility:

  1. Know yourself and your partner’s numerology chart.
  2. Focus on the positive aspects of your relationship.
  3. Try to find a balance between your needs and your partner’s needs.
  4. Communicate openly with each other about your expectations and feelings.
  5. Be willing to compromise when necessary.
  6. Have patience and understanding for each other’s differences.
  7. Don’t be afraid of conflict. Conflict can actually strengthen your relationship and help both of you grow.
  8. Try not to be too controlling or jealous.
  9. Don’t let outside influences (such as other people’s opinions of your relationship ) influence you.
  10. Don’t let past relationships cloud your judgment.

A relationship takes work, but the end result is always worth it.

Understanding your numerology compatibility can help you be the best partner you can be.


Final Words

If you’re interested in exploring numerology further, always remember that the most important number is your Life Path number.

This is the number that will have the greatest influence on your life, and it’s always a good idea to consult a numerologist for a more comprehensive reading.

However, if you want to find out more about your compatibility with another person, looking at your psychic or destiny numbers can give you some insights.

Remember, ultimately, the best way to find out if someone is right for you is to spend time getting to know them.

Numerology for couples is definitely to be taken seriously.

Numerology can give you some clues about compatibility, but it’s only one part of the puzzle.


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