The Moon Tarot Card Meanings Uncovered

The Moon Tarot Card is enigmatic in the tarot deck, signifying secrets, intuition, and hidden emotions.

This article will delve into the card’s upright and reversed meanings and how it affects love, career, health, and spirituality.

Let’s get started!

The Moon Tarot Card reveals secrets, intuition, and hidden emotions

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The Moon Tarot Card Description

The Moon Tarot Card depicts a full moon framed between two slender towers in the night sky.

A grey wolf and a dog stand on a path between them, howling beneath the full moon.

The Moon Tarot Card
The Moon Tarot Card

At the bottom, a blue lobster emerges from the water.

The Moon has a serene, human-like face, and drops fall from it, symbolizing dew or gentle tears.

The path leads toward distant mountains, and dark blues, yellows, and greys dominate the scene.

The Moon shines brightly, creating shadows and dark hues.

Upright Meaning

The Moon upright implies a time of uncertainty and confusion.

You might need all the information, or the path ahead seems unclear.

It speaks of intuition and suggests you trust your gut when facts are lacking.

The tarot card may indicate fear and anxiety, causing you to lose your way.


You’re encouraged to face your fears and find light within the shadows.

Feeling lost or afraid is normal, and making decisions is okay even when the road is uncertain.

Upright Love & Relationships

In love and relationships, the upright Moon tart card represents a phase of uncertainty and confusion.

Your feelings might be unclear, or secrets might be hidden within your relationship.

You or your partner may need more clarification about what you want.

It’s a time to delve deep and confront fears or doubts.

At times, it involves addressing dreams or illusions within your relationship.

You’re encouraged to follow your intuition and trust your instincts, even if everything isn’t as it seems.

Upright Career & Finances

Regarding career, this card suggests confusion, a lack of clear vision, and a need to see the whole picture.

It may mean you need more confidence about a job choice or business direction.

career ladder

Regarding finances, it can indicate unclear expenses or fluctuations in earnings that may cause anxiety.

To ensure you get all vital information, proceed carefully with any significant financial decisions.

Upright Health

When the Moon card is upright, hidden issues may need attention, or you might be dealing with anxiety or emotional distress.

Sleep problems, nightly disturbances, or vivid dreams could be common.

It’s a call for better self-care and necessary medical checks.

The card signals a time to listen to your body, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and foster mental wellness.

Upright Spirituality

When upright, it suggests that you might face uncertainty or confusion in your spiritual path.

This card advises you to trust your intuition and inner feelings, even if things seem unclear.

During this phase, it’s essential to release fear and embrace the mysteries of your spiritual journey.

The Moon card encourages you to meditate, reflect, and connect with your inner self to find spiritual enlightenment.

Reversed Meaning

When reversed, the Moon tarot card suggests clarity after confusion.

It suggests you’ve overcome your fears and anxieties and are beginning to see things as they are.

The Moon Tarot Card reversed
The Moon Tarot Card reversed

This card speaks of releasing negative energy and facing reality.

You’re likely gaining an understanding of hidden truths and can now make informed choices.

It’s a moment of personal growth where you’re transitioning from uncertainty to a period of positive change and self-discovery.

Reversed Love & Relationships

When the Moon card appears reversed, it indicates the end of a turbulent period in love and relationships.

Miscommunications or troubling secrets may be resolved.

You or your partner are becoming more open and honest with your feelings.

communication in relationships

Yet, you still need to work on trusting your instincts.

The doubtful phase is ending, making way for a more stable period.

This card advises letting go of past fears or insecurities and stepping into a brighter, more trusting bond.

Reversed Career & Finances

Reversed, the Moon card represents clarity returning to your career path.

It suggests that you’re finding your direction after a period of confusion.

You may feel more confident about making critical decisions or taking new steps.

In finance, it signals a time when you gain financial insight and start coming out of a financially insecure phase.


It’s a reminder to remain careful, but you can expect a clearer understanding of your income and expenses, leading to better financial stability.

Reversed Health

When reversed, previously unknown or ambiguous health issues may start to make sense or get resolved.

It could also mean overcoming mental health challenges like anxiety, fear, or depression.

However, it might indicate denial about a serious health concern.

good health

So, being truthful about your health and seeking professional medical help is crucial.

This card encourages you to trust your healing process, seek clarity, and not let fear hinder your wellness journey.

Reversed Spirituality

In reversed spirituality, The Moon card in Tarot suggests that you may struggle with hidden fears or illusions on your spiritual journey.

You might be avoiding self-reflection and ignoring your intuition.

It’s a sign that you must confront your inner anxieties and doubts to advance spiritually.


This card warns against ignoring your emotions and encourages you to embrace your subconscious.

Doing so allows you to dispel illusions and find clarity in your spiritual path.

Wrapping Up

The Moon tarot card is a mysterious and powerful card with many meanings.

When upright, it can represent intuition, dreams, hidden insights, and confusion.

While reversed, it can signify the release of fear, clarity, and understanding.

Ultimately, this card helps us discover hidden truths, understand our thoughts deeply, and overcome our worries.

It teaches us to rely on our gut, face our fears, and accept change.